Which heart valve does LOINC 59111-5 refer to?


I wanted to ask in the following LOINC term

“LOINC 59111-5
Heart valve E velocity/Annulus E wave by US”

Which heart valve is the term referring to? Is it the mitral (left-sided) valves or tricuspid (right-sided) valves or both the valves combined (which unfortunately will not be very useful since I need valve specific data)

Thanks! @timbriscoe @jwsnyder ; Would appreciate your help! Thanks again!


Hi Bharat,

59111-5 | Heart valve E velocity/Annulus E wave by US | is a heart valve agnostic code. We can tell this by looking at the system which is “Heart.valve.XXX”. The “XXX” indicates that this could could apply to either the Mitral or tricuspid value.

Performing a search by component "component: Blood flow velocity E wave/Annulus velocity E wave " it would appear that this is the only code for that specific component.

This may be an appropriate place to request 2 new codes that are heart value specific for this particular measurement.

I hope this helps.

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The LOINC term “Heart valve E velocity/Annulus E wave by US” does not specify a particular valve. It is a general term that encompasses both left-sided (e.g., mitral) and right-sided (e.g., tricuspid) valves. Unfortunately, it does not provide valve-specific information. lcd light switch