Which API I can use to get the whole Database of loinc as JSON for every new version published

I want to get the whole latest Loinc database through the API , please let me know how can i achieve this

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Excellent question. This request from our terminology service using FHIR should return a ValueSet containing all concepts loaded into our terminology service—including Parts, Answer Lists, and Answer Strings. However, this request does not include all properties.


Can you explain your use case a bit? There may be a better solution.

Hi Tim ,
Thanks for your response,
The provided API end point I need is explained in below use case :
As an API consumer I need the Complete LOINC table data , including the list of LOINC codes for new version,

Suppose I want to maintain Data Base for Loinc with all its information, exactly as shown in the LOINC.csv file from the download resource:


If I get the same data from the API as JSON when ever a new version of LOINC is available then for every one it will be easy to update/refresh there database accordingly.

please let me know if this API is already available.

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Hello again, Sayed. Thank you for this context. Presently, I’m afraid the only API to do what you suggest is our LOINC Terminology Service using HL7 FHIR. It will be a multi-step process. Use the request above to pull the list of codes and then for each, request its properties using the CodeSystem resource. See example below. I admit it’s an elegant solution.


We recognize this limitation and are working on a couple of other solutions which should address this need. We hope to announce one or both before the end of this year. I am certain we will post an announcement on this forum once available.

Hello Sayed, during the most recent LOINC conference in Atlanta we soft-launched access to our Search API, which may do exactly what you need.

The API is accessible today and requires your loinc.org username and password, similar to the FHIR API. However, we don’t have any official documentation for the API, and we are currently working on putting that together. Below, I’ve put together some rough documentation to get started with if you’d like to try out the API.

EndPoints - all of these endpoints search the scope specified and utilize the same parameters



  • query – search string
  • rows* – integer value to indicate the number of rows to return
  • offset* – integer value to indicate the offset, for paging
  • sortorder* – string value, specifying which field to sort on and order (desc and asc)
  • language* – integer value to indicate which language to return. The integer value for specific languages can be found in the LingusticVariants.csv file in the LOINC release.
  • includefiltercounts* – boolean value to indicate if information for filters should be returned with the results

*All of these parameters have default values and are optional

Example Queries

Without Optional Parameters

With All Optional Parameters
https://loinc.regenstrief.org/searchapi/loincs?query=glucose&rows=100&offset=100&sortorder=loinc_num desc&language=8&includefiltercounts=true

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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Hi Sayed,

I might also point out that you may want to investigate using "Loinc_2.xx\LoincTableCore\LoincTableCore.csv as your source for a database refresh as opposed to the full Loinc.csv.

LoincTableCore.csv was created to be a more stable version of the content. Loinc.csv often under goes the addition and removal of columns making it a more difficult database object to maintain on an ongoing basis. LoincTableCore.csv is likely to provide all the content that is needed to support your use case without having columns added or removed on a somewhat regular basis.


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