When map urine albumin tests to microalbumin and albumin concepts?

Dear all,

May I hear some professional experience on when to map to tests with long common name “Microalbumin” and when to map tests with “Albumin” for urine albumin tests?

I know that the components are albumin for either names, but both names exist specified detection limit in methods, eg

59159-4 “Microalbumin/Creatinine [Ratio] in 24 hour Urine” has method of detection limit of <=20 mg/L, while

89998-9 “Albumin/Creatinine [Ratio] in Urine by Detection limit <= 3.0 mg/L” has an even lower detection limits.

How should I map the local tests? When will LOINC uses microalbumin to name the concept and when uses albumin? Sorry that I have a bit confused.

Thank you.





Thank you for notifying us of the inconsistency in the Long Common Name for the microalbumin terms. I fixed the issue, and the correction will appear in the next release (February). Those with a detection limit of <=3.0 mg/L will state “Microalbumin” in the Long Common Names.

Thank you,

Jami Deckard

LOINC Terminology Developer