What happens to never-published prerelease codes?

The LOINC prerelease page states: " It is possible that they may not be published in the next, or any, public release."

What happens to LOINC codes that never make it to any release? They won’t have a status. Can they be reused in LOINC, or are they guaranteed never to be used for other concepts?

We (in the Netherlands) will need to support some prerelease concepts, and I need to know whether the LOINC code will be a reliable identifier. Of course, in cases where they don’t make it to any LOINC release, we’ll have to abandon those, but that might take some time.

Hi Marc,

We never reuse LOINC codes. In the rare case that codes are published on the pre-release page but never get officially released, they still persist in our internal database and will not be used again.



Hi Swapna. Do you know how many pre-release LOINC code never made it to the next, or any, publication?

Thanks in advance

Dirk Bakkeren

Hi Dirk,

I don’t have an exact number, but over the last five years I would estimate 5-10, and the actual number is probably even lower than that.