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I am curious about the use of ‘View’ vs. ‘Views’. It is my understanding that ‘Views’ may be used when number of views is not otherwise specified, and this is where we usually map to for our clients. There are a few codes, however, that appear to be essentially the same other than ‘View’ or ‘View 1’:

24799-9 - Abdomen X-ray AP single view - Component: View AP

36550-2 - Abdomen X-ray Single view - Component: View 1

Since they are both single view - why does the non-AP study specify 1, whereas AP is just ‘View’, singular?

Also, as for ‘View’ on it’s own - it seems to only occur in 8 XR.fluor codes that are documenting fluoroscopy time (eg. 25065-4 - Unspecified body region Fluoroscopy 15 minutes). Why singular ‘View’ here?

I appreciate any clarification that can be provided!

Thank you.


The use of ‘view’ versus ‘views’ is intended to imply singular versus plural. In your example of AP (anteroposterior) view, this is a singular view, but specific to how the view was obtained, whereas the view 1 example means that it doesn’t matter how the view was obtained.

The use of ‘view’ for the LOINC codes used to report fluoroscopic time regardless of the body system or the plane in which the fluoroscopic view was obtained.

There is a Radiology tutorial on the LOINC website as well as the LOINC User’s Guide that will be of help in understanding the nomenclature. Also, please post any other questions or comments here on the forum. We are happy to help.


Pat Wilson

What about singular views, when it comes to Abdomen X-ray Single view?



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