Veterinary SNOMED & LOINC

Hi does anyone know if there is a Veterinary equivalent to SNOMED & LOINC?

thanks Neville

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Hello Neville, both SNOMED CT and LOINC have concepts for nonhuman species. I can’t fully address SCT’s vet content but it appears to be in the form of an extension named VetSCT.

LOINC’s vet content can be found via our SearchLOINC tool. (Use your LOINC username and password to log in.) Simply search for veterinary to find appropriate concepts. Alternatively, you can search for a specific concept and then use the Filter function to narrow the results under Tags to just Veterinary. (See screenshot below.)

Veterinary clinical concepts have a LOINC Class of CLIN:VET. Lab vet terms appear in other classes but usually have veterinary in the name or synonyms, e.g. 88869-3. Again, you can use the Tags filter in SearchLOINC to identify them.