Using codes for Classes/Types other than those specified in term

Can the term LOINC 62364-5 Test performance information in Specimen Narrative (Class = HL7.CYTOGEN) be utilised for mapping with Andrology specimen preparation?

Similarly, can the term LOINC 43156-9 Reagent Lot number (Type = Clinical) be utilized for mapping with Andrology testing?

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[Test performance information in Specimen Narrative - 62364-5] Is a test-performance-information-in-specimen-narrative.html) that is defined as a code: As a narrative description about the test. This is often presented as a report section header. I would not suggest using 62364-5 as it does not specify the type of procedure being performed or a document used to educate the patient about the procedure and what the patient needs to do to complete the procedure.
LOINC does have 8100-0Specimen preparation [Type] but again it does not specify that it is a narrative or education to be handed to the patient to educate the patient on how to perform the performance of the test. And it does not specify explicitly the type of specimen.
I would suggest that a new LOINC submission of Doc_Ont to be requested that specifies “Andrology specimen preparation treatment plan, Individual education plan information” with the component “Individual education plan”.

As for 43156-9 Reagent Lot number (Type = Clinical) this is used to only document the reagent lot number and not the procedure to perform “Andrology testing”.
I would recommend the following LOINC codes as they are the procedure orderable codes that does include the reason of the andrology testing:
Semen analysis panel; [54231-6]
Semen analysis fertility panel; [50677-4]
Semen analysis post vasectomy pane [LOINC Code 54231-6
Semen analysis fertility panel LOINC Code [54231-6]
Semen analysis post vasectomy panel LOINC code [50677-4]

Thank you,
Cyndie Lundberg, RN, MSN
Clinical Terminology Manager