UCUM codes and LOINC Properties

Is there a table of UCUM codes crosslinked to LOINC Properties?

Hi Charles,
I’m unaware of any table Regenstrief provides in this manner. The UCUM documents are descriptions and instructions on translation local unit displays to the standard UCUM format. There are example UCUM tied with terms in RELMA (and therefore extrapolation is possible). In early, early LOINC days, 3M had internally used synonyms of properties to our units of measure domain. Everyone’s foundation has matured with time, and toolsets along with them.
Sorry to not help you more specifically.
Pam Banning

I found this website while doing some validation and at the top it has the loinc and the UCUM, and the hierarchy of loinc. Anyone know if you can download a similar table.

Do you have the name or the URL of this website. It would be very helpful. Thanks

LOINC codes have “example UCUM units” - is that what you’re looking for?