two or more resultable code within a battery

If there is more than one resultable code within a battery, does each of those codes need to tie up to a LOINC. example is UALB with a component of a ALBU (albumin) and ALCRU (creatinine)

In case you didn’t get your answer already, the answer is yes, you would tie an observation LOINC with the albumin component and another to the creatinine component. These would be posted in the OBX3 field of the HL7 message, if you were using messaging.

It appears you have a unique creatinine component for this panel, by the name of ALCRU. You may find the same urine LOINC code for creatinine matches to other entries in your laboratory catalog.

Unless your albumin component is a microalbumin, it doesn’t appear there is a current order LOINC battery for this panel.

Hope this helps!