The ConceptWiki environment and LOINC

About ConceptWiki:


The ConceptWiki environment is an umbrella for several categories of professional data. Presently, two Wikis, WikiPeople and WikiProteins, have been filled using information provided by several consortium members to jumpstart a medium capable of developing valuable knowledge repositories. The main focus of the WikiProteins section is on life science and medical concepts and their role in biology and disease. In WikiProteins, scientists can add new or edit existing textual commentary, for example, to nuance or describe new biological functions or processes. It will also be possible to establish links between two records to illustrate pertinent connections. All modifications are attributed to the participating scientist and certain granting agencies have indicated that they are interested in using the resulting contributions as indices of scholarly achievement. The WikiPeople section is a forum for scientists to display their published works and the author pages can be modified and enhanced by the individual.

ConceptWiki Page for LOINC:

ConceptWiki Page for LOINC 35184-1 Glucose^post Calorie fast:MSCnc:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative


The ConceptWiki will be updated May 1, 2010. With this update, the URIs will change. UUIDs will be implemented for every concept and from then on the URIs should be stable.