synonyms for Mucorales by PCR

I’m trying to see if there are appropriate LOINC codes for a test described at .

I don’t seem to be finding anything. I was just wondering if there are other synonyms for Mucorales I should search under. I didn’t seem to turn up much with a Google search.

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Christopher,

We always recommend asking the performing lab for the LOINC code. I’m going to forward your message to their LOINC team, and they will get back to you. Thank you for asking!


I’m just doing due diligence before I contact them about requesting a new code. Sometimes I find a code which they missed and they’ll add it when I provide it to them. In this case they don’t have a mapping and I’m not finding one either, so I thought I’d check on the forum in case there was a synonym I should also look under. Thanks.

Hi Christopher!

I just received this message from ARUP:

I have reviewed this request and searched for an appropriate LOINC code for Mucorales by PCR . The LOINC code I would recommend is 92253-4 “Microorganism identified in Isolate or Specimen by Molecular genetics method”. I will be making the change on our test 3000352 Mucorales by PCR and the updated code will be visible in 2 to 3 business days.

Kind Regards,

J. Chad Campbell, MBA, M (ASCP)cm