Staph Aureus Screen

We have a new culture that is a “Staph aureus Screen” - is it not for MRSA. Is it appropritate to use : 20966-8 Staphylococcus sp ID’ed in Unspecified Specimen by Org specific culture?

We also have a new culture that is a “Staph aureus/MRSA Screen” which is for both. Is 20966-8 also appropriate for this test?


The scale for this test - 20966-8 - is nominal, so your result would be the organism name (either MRSA or Staph aureus or not detected?) - if that is the case you can use this code for the combined screen for sure. What are the results for your staph aureus only screen?

For the Staph aureus Screen we will report as Staph aureus, no sensitivity performed or as No Staph aureus isolated.

I can’t find a Staph aureus that is not also MRSA, only the Staph sp Identified 20966-8