Simplexa Influenza A/B & RSV PCR Loinc?

I have been working on the MU2 updates for my facility and compiling a LOINC database is part of that project. In all of my time searching and reaching out to coworkers, we have been unable to find any LOINC code to match up the the Simplexa Flu A/B & RSV PCR test by Focus. There are plenty of single LOINCS for Flu A, Flu B and RSV but no combination code to include them all. Does anyone know of a LOINC that would best match the Simplexa testing?

Thanks for your time

Hi Jeremy,

I checked the package insert on the kit to determine how example answers might look. (

The kit appears to be capable of giving discrete answers each for Influenza A RNA, Influenza B RNA, and RSV RNA. If an LIS assay was structured for three distinct result fields, the single LOINCs you found would be sufficient.

Since you’re asking the question, may I presume there’s only one result field, and example answers at your facility are a blend of:

Influenza A, Influenza B, and RSV not detected

Influenza A detected. Influenza B and RSV not detected

Influenza B detected. Influenza A and RSV not detected.

If your example answers are similar to this; all three organisms in one result field, you’ll want to submit to Regenstrief for a new term. See the RELMA User’s Guide for instructions on making a submission.

Otherwise, speak with the microbiologists and see if the LIS structure should be changed to a more granular result field reporting.

If there are three result fields for each, and just a series of positive, negative; those can use the current LOINCs.

Influenza A RNA - Detected

Influenza B RNA - Not Detected

RSV RNA Not Detected

Sorry to be presumptive on some of it, in order to begin to give a response.

Best Regards,