Sensitive Loinc Codes


Am looking at the loinc codes and need to determine which of these may related to sensitive lab info such as drug abuse, stds, etc. Is there any mechanism available to identify those codes which related to this? Parsing through the 100k Loinc entries isn’t feasible.

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Tom C

Hello Tom!

If you’re just getting started in mapping to LOINC, may I suggest viewing some of the tutorials available under the learning section of the homepage. May I suggest the “Get Started” and “Introduction to LOINC” videos? This will help orientate yourself to begin translations.

I would recommend having your list of defined assays with mnemonic, display names, specimens, units of measure, result type and method if possible in one file. LOINC uses six attributes of Component, Property, Timing, Specimen, Scale and Method (but only specimen would be found as that name from your laboratory information system). Use the browser to plug in a keyword of the assay name and specimen and possible subsets will float into view for your selection. From there I would follow your assay list to see the scale (quantitative, ordinal, etc).

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A second thought, if you only need drug testing, in the search browser enter class:drug/tox to get the subset of 8495 LOINCs. Entering class:drug/tox urine ord narrows more to urine testing with positive/negative results with 875 LOINC results.

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