I have downloaded the latest csv version (REF V2.61 REL 2017-06-23 RELMA LOINC TABLE). It’s my understanding the LOINC codes are never removed from the database, but when I search these file for these LOINC codes I cannot find them: 9594-3, 9590-1, 9591-9, 9589-3, 9588-5, 9553-9, 9552-1, 9551-3 and more. Any suggestions?


We have had several people examine the file and they have been able to find the LOINC codes that you have listed. Could you please download the file again and take another look?


Instead of messing with the csv file again, I have installed the RELMA application and have since been able to find these codes. Thanks!

I am using the search LOINC function and checked ‘include deprecated codes’ but some LOINC codes used for eCQM subsets are still not being found. it says LOINC (2.58). Wouldn’t the search find any code?



The search LOINC function should be able to find all currently released LOINC codes. Have you entering the actual LOINC number into the search box? If that doesn’t work, please provide specific examples of the LOINC codes that you cannot find.


We are new to using LOINC and RELMA. Our current integration requires us to use LOINC 2.64 table but the archives appear to be restricted to premium users and we and unable to register as a premium user. Is there a way that we can download 2.64?

Thanks in advance.



You should be able to download version 2.64 from It does require a login but it is free charge.

The LOINC committee does recommend that you use the current LOINC release if at all possible. With each release we continuously refine and improve the codes. Best practice is to always keep your system up to date.