Representing "R-a" on FHIR Questionnaires for Panels

LOINC has exposed all Panels as Questionnaires, and with that the R/O/C property of each constituent Observation is modeled using the required field on the Questionnaire item. For example for LOINC 24323-8 Comprehensive metabolic 2000 panel - Serum or Plasma all Required observations have the required attribute set to true. However 1963-8 and 2028-9 are required alternates, but the Questionnaire resource does not seem to capture this information at all.

So was wondering if there are thoughts on how to capture this information on the Questionnaire resource, or if other ways through FHIR to access all Observations in a panel along with their properties?


Hello Soumil,

Thank you for your excellent question. Questionnaires are not the ideal location for these Panels. We would like to represent all constituents of a Panel structure as properties within the CodeSystem resource. These would then contain all the available R/O/C values.

How do you feel about this approach? Does it meet your needs?