RELMA New Term Proposal Process Upcoming Retirement

Regenstrief Institute will no longer accept requests/submissions for new LOINC concepts through the RELMA program after Dec. 31, 2023. This change was initially announced during LOINC 2.75 Release in August 2023.

As we continue to refine our processes to serve you better, we have determined that submissions made using RELMA lack the quality checks necessary to ensure efficient processing. Furthermore, the RELMA application has been placed in maintenance-only mode and will be discontinued in the future.

We continue to welcome all requests made through our online request form. You can expect further improvements to this web form in 2024.

After Dec. 31, attempting to submit a new term proposal via RELMA will result in an error message (see below).

RELMA will have this functionality completely removed when we publish a new version with the LOINC 2.77 Release, anticipated in February 2024. Rest assured that the mapping functionality within RELMA will not be discontinued until a suitable replacement is made available.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the new submission process, please feel to contact us via our contact form at

Thank you for your continued support of LOINC.

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Encourage the LOINC team to continue to support RELMA (and other functionalities), as learned quite a few entities (including many across public health) still use RELMA for mapping files (importing, mapping and exporting). Also encourage the LOINC team to add functionalities from RELMA into search/functionality.

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Andrea, thanks for the feedback!

Rest assured that we will continue to publish and support of RELMA until all its features are either migrated to or replaced with equivalent functionalities in another application.


Thank you for @swagers - could I ask is there any more information/timeline about the RELMA replacement? I cannot seem to find any info about it!

@lawrenceadams, sorry, we currently do not have a time-line or addition information about a RELMA replacement at this time.