RELMA mapping when source testcode is composite

I am trying to map a number of CDISC-LBTESTCD terms to LOINC. The problem however is that the CDISC LBTESTCD “test codes” do not uniquely identify tests, but need to be combined with other fields such as “specimen”, “category”, and often even “unit”. For example, I have “BILI” (Bilirubin) but I have to combine it with “unit” as some of the results are in “mg/dL” and some are in “umol/L” to get a unique test.
Is there a standard or recommended way to do this in RELMA?

Hello Jozef!

There is a special property within the LOINC database for your examination: MSCNC - Mass Substance Concentration. It allows for the combination of lab values of mass/volume or substance/volume units of measure. 35194-0 is for serum or plasma Bilirubin quantitative and 35193-2 is for body fluid Bilirubin.

If you simply enter MSCNC in RELMA search window, you’ll see the covered analytes in different body fluids. If a particular analyte is’t covered, you can submit to Regenstrief for a new term.

Hope this helps. Let me know what else can be answered.

Pam Banning