RELMA mapper error

When I run the intelligent mapper on a local file of 1067 tests it runs to about 50% and then generates an out of memory error that looks like it is coming from the tool. My Machine has 2gig. I ran it on a machine with 3.5 gig (32 bit OS) and I got to 90%.

I will post the error as soon as I reproduce it. I have the tool set to 1 minute and 25 results.

Dave Gifford


It sounds like you may have encountered a memory leak in the program. As a work around to solve your immediate problem, you might consider creating test sets that contain smaller numbers of terms. This would not be a fix, but it should enable you to a least complete the process.

In order to properly diagnose the problem, it would be very helpful if we could use your actual file for debugging. Would it be possible for your zip your lmof3.mdb file and send it to


John Hook