RELMA Error number: -2147109525 when mapping term

I am trying to map a local term using RELMA 3.25 build 41and Loinc 2,26 but when i click the “map” on the mapping screen (after doing a search for loinc records and selecting one of them from the result list), I get the following error:

Error number: -2147109525

Description: SaveMapHistory:

Module:frmMapping – MapLocalTerm

Any clue on how to solve that?

Btw, is there a place where I could download older versions of Relma to test this feature?

Thanks in advance.

I know that our lead developer contacted you with a solution for this (there is a problem with RELMA’s internationalization), but also wanted to mention that we don’t keep old versions of RELMA on the website right now. We do have them here at Regenstrief and could make them available if you need. Just send us a note.