RELMA Error for Unique Record Build

I am getting an error message when I try to map records unique for my local requirements.

When I was using RELMA Version 3.24 Build 15, Source File Version 2.24, I could create the X-codes. I downloaded the most current version 3.25 Build 41,Source File Version 2.27 and can not create the X-codes anymore. I keep getting error messages and the application closes itself. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix for the problem?

After receiving the regular Invalid LOINC Number Warning Dialog box, and choosing to ignore the warning by pressing Yes, I receive an Unexpected error. It states Error Number: 91

Description: Object variable or With block variable not set

Module: frmMapping – MapLocalTerm

There is no direct fix for this problem – RELMA v3.27 does not allow mapping to non-LOINCs.

However, the upcoming version of RELMA (RELMA v4.0) will allow mapping to non-LOINCs, and will even know when you are mapping to a LOINC Part (it will display the LOINC Part name as the name of that code in RELMA).


Mark Leighton Fisher

RELMA Developer, Regenstrief Institute Inc.