RELMA 4.0 Issues

We have found several issues with RELMA 4.0 build 16967 that are preventing us from upgrading to it for Production use. Any assistance that could be provided with these issues would be appreciated.

  • On the “View All Working Set Terms” tab, entering test into the “Enter Words to Find” text box and hitting Enter causes the Mapping Screen tab to take focus and makes RELMA act as if you hit the Search for Local Words button. If you then click on the “View All Working Set Terms” tab again, the terms you were searching for appear.

  • If I search for terms on the “View All Working Set Terms” tab and select one to map, the LOINC code I choose is not stored in the term that I picked in my search results, but rather in the term that was selected before I performed my search. Sometimes it is stored in both terms. For example:
  1. Using the SAMPLE term file provided with RELMA, highlight the term for batter ZZ01 and test code AMS.
  2. Search for PROUC, highlight the term that appears and click the mapping tab.
  3. Search for LOINC codes and map this term to one.
  4. Go back to the “View All Working Set Terms” tab and enter the LOINC code you chose into the search box. Either both terms will show up in search results, or the ZZ01/AMS term will.

    Please let me know if you need further details on either of these issues.




Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. I have been able to reproduce the issues in our development environment and have logged them as bugs in our issue tracking system. We will begin working on a fix immediately.



We have just posted a new build of RELMA that addresses the issues you reported. Please try the new build and let me know if you have any additional problems.

Thank you for your feedback.