Rank Datatype

  1. 6.12
  2. Windows 7 Pro
  3. Rank is treated as a string, not an integer, so that a search for Rank:[1 TO 2] yields ranks 1-22, 10-19, 100-199, 1000-1999, while a search for Rank:[1 TO 50] yields ranks 1-5, 10-50, 100-499, 1000-2017. Instead, a search for Rank:[1 TO 2] should yield ranks 1-2, and a search for Rank:[1 TO 50] should yield ranks 1-50, etc.
  4. N/A

Thank you for reporting this issue with the RELMA program. I have confirmed that the behavior that you are reporting is an issue with RELMA version 6.12. I have added this issue to our internal list of bugs and issues that need correction.

Hi, I would like to add that this behaviour is also present in the “Component” column (and perhaps others as well).

CURRENT: Influenza virus A H10, H11, H12… are listed before H2, H3, H4, etc.

IDEAL: Influenza virus A H1, H2, H3, H4… H10, H11, H12…