Questions regarding new codes from the 2.77 release that are leveraging multiple ampersand signs in the component

Based on the structure of & rather than + in the components, does code 103633-4 Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Trichomonas vaginalis [Presence] in Genital fluid by NAA with probe detection represent results for each part of the component? If so, would these be better represented as panels?

Hello Jeremy and thanks for posting the question. This reporting model can be used when the users want their system to report the presence of any of the three organism or the absence of all three in one result field. Should the user want to report as a panel, the result level constituents are already present in LOINC, as well as order panels (for genital or urine sources). They would have requested an order LOINC for genital fluid possibly.

There’s a similar tangent in Drug/Tox Drugs of Abuse reporting, where panels could be created of each drug/class in a screen OR use of the “Drugs identified” series vs “Drugs Tested For” to have positives contained in the Drugs Identified and Negatives listed under Drugs Tested For.

As you’re aware there’s not a published ‘Best Practices of how to build a Laboratory Compendium in a Laboratory Information System’. If we had such an industry agreement, we’d be one step closer to interoperability. My personal thought: some evaluation of how many keystrokes/time effort it takes for the bench to track the pendings and report out the work has an impact on the final design in the LIS.

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Hello Pam,
Thank you for the prompt response and your insight! You’ve cleared it up for me.