qualitative T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR) nucleic acid based test


We’re trying to map LOINC codes for results for a test. Link to test description online: https://www.t2biosystems.com/products-technology/t2bacteria-panel/

Some of the test materials describe the test method. Here are some excerpts: qualitative T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR®), nucleic acid based test, n detection of bacterial gDNA, During processing on the T2Dx, pathogens are concentrated directly in whole blood, then lysed to release the target DNA. After amplification, target amplicon is hybridized with superparamagnetic particles and then detected by T2MR.

The test gives results for 5 separate organisms in the form of ‘positive’ or ‘target not detected’

I’m wondering if the method probe.amp.tar would be acceptable when matching LOINC codes or if something else would be more appropriate. We have tried contacting the test manufacturer, but have not had a response yet.

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LOINC desc specimen result
none T2 BACTERIAL PANEL whole blood
61398-4 E.coli target positive/target not detected
61399-2 K.pneumoniae target positive/target not detected
61401-6 P.aeruginosa target positive/target not detected
61397-6 E.faecium target positive/target not detected
61404-0 S.aureus target positive/target not detected