Puzzling example unit for quantitative acanthocytes and schizocytes

Sylvie Cormont and I think that the example units “%” for 51639-3 (Acanthocytes/1000 erythrocytes in Blood) and 53630-2 (Schistocythes/1000 erythrocytes in Blood) are wrong

Since these cells are counted per 1000 red cells (not per 100 red cells), shouldn’t the example UCUM unit be “/10^3” or “ppth” instead of “%”?

You are right that the example unit “%” is not correct. Because UCUM makes use of 7 bit ASCII the promille sign (“‰”) is not available. Not all systems can represent this unit.

However , the correct UCUM notation you suggest is not “/10^3” but “/10*3”. You can check this using the UCUM checker @ https://ucum.nlm.nih.gov/ucum-lhc/demo.html
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