Proposed harmonization of existing values to new

As a follow-up to the Jan 2009 Clinical LOINC meeting, I’ve posted the file containing my proposed harmonization plan for existing LOINC terms over on the main LOINC website:

The DocOnt – Master spreadsheet contains all of the elements from existing LOINC codes in the DocOnt domain with a proposed harmonization plan, classified in the “Disposition” field into EXACT, EASY, and HARD. The proposed value for the new harmonized name appears in the two “HarmonizesTo” fields (the second field accommodates the SMD/Role breakdown). My comments for discussion/consideration appear in the Comments field.

As discussed, we will consider those with disposition EXACT to be done. (The old words match the new/approved values exactly). The ones with disposition=EASY are those where I have proposed a harmonized string that I suggest are relatively non-controversial. (I could be wrong). The ones with disposition=HARD are those that will require discussion/debate/resolution.

This is a good place to post such discussion comments.

In follow-up to the February 2010 Clinical LOINC Meeting a new spreadsheet has been generated to show the proposed changes to the existing LOINC terms with all axis value changes (part level changes) aggregated at a per-term level. It is available in the Doc Ontology section of the LOINC website:

The first sheet titled “Proposed Changes” is any changes in current terms. Green (light) - Proposed changes Green (dark) - Proposed new term to reconcile/disambiguate changes Yellow - Document Ontology axis value “fragment” that is the source of discussion for reconciliation to the new model. The “Disposition” column is the (highest) classification of the existing LOINC change depending on our review of the changes to the axis values. The “Comments” column includes comments from Dan and Blaine. The second spreadsheet lists the fragments with no significant changes.

We’ll try to plan a call to discuss these changes in advance of the next Clinical LOINC meeting.

Nice work.

Is there a way to see which terms have changed because of this harmonization.