PROPOSE NEW LOINC allow delete

When you are creating a series of new requests for LOINC codes the options allowed are NEW, SAVE, EXIT.

If the user has inadvertently created and saved a duplicate NEW file, there does not appear to be a way to DELETE this file.

Suggest add a DELETE function.


Hi! Just wanted to share how we manage this at 3M on the current platform. Anything we add or save as Propose New LOINC while mapping writes to the submission queue (Review Proposed LOINCs). We search that queue for duplicates and other oddities before marking for import to the actual submission .mdb. You can click on headers to resort the queue. The Sent/Unsent views only pertain to having been exported to a submission before. If you haven’t sent the submission in, you can recreate it without the duplicate errors by deleting those rows.

The Review Proposed LOINCs doesn’t clear out, so be aware if old “unsent” items are present, they will move forward to submission with a select all option. I try to keep this queue deleted in between submissions, to avoid the issue.

Hope this helps. Hope to see you at Committee meeting in two weeks!