Production release server

Is there any plans for a production release server? I am hesitant to start developing anything using this API until some level of stability is achieved.

Hello Adam,

Thank you for your question. As noted on our documentation page, all content provided with our terminology service (API) is production level. The only except is LOINC Groups which remain as Beta maturity.

This API uses version R4 of HL7’s FHIR specification. We realize they are preparing R4B and R5 releases. We will consider adding these as separate endpoints as the releases near.

As we inevitably move to a production-level service, what do you expect to see as a consumer of the API? Do you want an SLA or other assurances? Do you need other LOINC properties to be made available? Understanding the needs of our users will help steer our plans for this service.

Best regards,