Prerelease codes in xml/json/csv ?

We (in the Netherlands) sometimes need to use prerelease codes submitted by us before the next LOINC release. The prerelease codes are available on as HTML, but for importing in our own db we’d prefer access in a more structured format: XML or JSON or CSV. Is this available? (I’ve checked the FHIR API: that gives me a 404 for prerelease codes.)

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your question. I spoke with Swapna Abhyankar regarding this issue. Given our current model of published releases every six months, we will be unable to make available the prerelease codes in a structured, programmatically-consumable format.

We are in the midst of a strategic planning process. I believe you received an invitation to participate. We very much encourage you to sign up for an interview where you can vocalize your ideas and suggestions for changes to LOINC procedures, including a change in this release model.