PPD Skin testing for humans

Hello! I’m struggling to identify the LOINC associated with the tuberculosis skin test in human patients. It looks like a number of the tests which come up are for veterinary uses. Any tips on how to narrow this down?

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I assume you are using SearchLOINC to located these. Can you please share what search terms you are including? That should help us guide you.

I’ve tried PPD, tuberculin, Mantoux, and wheal. I think I want the codes that are in the “Tuberculosis reaction wheal [Diameter] --xx days post xx TU intradermal” format for results as the others seem to be specific to bovid testing, but I want to confirm. I’m also trying to locate an order code for the administration of the tuberculin (the part 1 of the test).

Disclaimer: I’m a developer, not a terminologist or clinician so my suggestions are regarding use of SearchLOINC mainly. I’m hoping lab specialists can help as well.

This query targets skin as a system and removes bovine from the results:

Tuberculosis system:skin -bovine 


You can then use the Filters to narrow the results further. I believe they are general concepts for all mammals. I can only assume by their Rank values, they are commonly used for humans as well.

If you do not see an applicable term, you may need to request it.

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