Playbook OID or URI

I gather that RadLex Playbook radiology codes have been published by LOINC. I’d like to refer to them explicitly, but I don’t see a way of doing so. There is an OID in the HL7 directory for LOINC image documents ( but it doesn’t seem quite right, and I don’t see a way to confirm or rule it out.

We’re going to discuss with the RSNA/RI Radiology Committee. RSNA has an OID for RadLex, but we are discussing whether the Playbook is/should be contained by the same OID as all of Playbook or if it should have its own.

As you know, on the LOINC side, all LOINC concepts (LOINC codes, Part Codes, Answer codes, etc) are covered by the same code system/OID/URI. They may decide to follow that pattern or treat them as separate code systems.

Will report back when we have more info…

Hi Jay -

I discussed with RSNA and also consulted with Rob McClure. As far as which code system the RPIDs in this file belong to, it is the code system of RadLex (i.e. the broader RadLex terminology = 2.16.840.1.113883.6.256). Just like the LOINC codes would be drawn from the code system of LOINC.

At present, there is not an identifier (OID) for this mapping file (i.e. the LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook) as a whole.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks Dan,

I’m not sure that does it.

I think you’re saying that the LOINC codes for the concepts imported from Playbook belong, of course, to the LOINC system. And that the playbook codes still exist as part of the RadLex system. And there is no OID for a value set that would contain either set of codes.

So I suppose my next question is, would either organization have a problem with my creating a FHIM value set in VSAC to do just that? And if not, where might I find a copy of the mapping file?