Platelet Inhibition Testing

I have a client using Helena Laboratories’ PlateletWorks system for platelet function testing. The system measures the unaggregated platelets via impedance on baseline, ADP activated, and collagen activated samples. The percent aggregation is calculated off these results by Baseline - Agonist / Baseline. Anyone have a suggestion on how to code this? Or should I request new codes be made?

I, too, am having issues finding existing LOINCs for Platelet Inhibition Testing. Our testing uses Accumetrics VerifyNow Point of Care Testing. I will be requesting new LOINCs for the 3 test panels Accumetrics offers:

  1. VerifyNow IIb/IIIa which measures glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor blockage in patients treated with abciximab or eptifibatide.
  2. VerifyNow Aspirin Test which detects platelet dysfunction due to aspirin ingestion by measuring platelet aggregation.
  3. VerifyNow PRU Test which measures the level of platelet P2Y12 receptor blockade.

    I see LOINCs for some of the results for these tests, but not for all. Especially for the % inhibition results.