PhenX LOINC codes

Is it acceptable to use PhenX codes? Or are the for PhenX only ? I need to find or request a code for Date of Diagnosis and was wondering if we can use 63931-0 ?

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Hi Kimberly!
Great to hear from you; thanks for the question. Date of Diagnosis 63931-0 is in the class of PhenX, but is methodless. That means to me, it doesn’t have to be done on a PhenX survey.

In general for myself on clinical terms, I’ll look at the method attribute and I’ll look on the details tab to assure there’s not normative answer lists (something that indicates there’s an algorithm or scoring involved).

I think you’re good to go.


Thanks Pam. That is very helpful. Been wanting to ask about the PhenX codes for some time now.

Hi Kimberly, As we discussed over our email exchange with Pam, and to clarify that the response that Pam provided will be effective in some aspect later due to changes we are implementing in LOINC .
To answer your question, it will be safer for long-term usage to submit for this concept and to all concepts that you want to use and they have a method of PhenX . Although this is not a method, but it is defined specifically to be used by PhenX. We are addressing all LOINC concepts that have similarity in the structure (PhenX, NIH, CMS ,…) in the LOINC Database as we are making decisions along the way. This way it will not impact your content in case you used one of those concepts.
Thank you

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