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Will there ever be a time where a Loinc code will be created for the “results” or Interpretations of a Pap Smear?

We utilize EMR data for not only population health management but for public health reporting/registries. Having spoke to Quest/LabCorp and BayCare Health system I am getting the same answer - if there isn’t a LOINC code for it, then they can’t transmit it as structured data back into an EMR interface. So we are forced to use workarounds creating a “result” field where we rely on human intervention to put the result of the pap into that field - needless to say this is riddled with potential issues.

Hi Dorrie,

When it comes to cytology or pathology reports, there are considerations for how granular the result fields are built. It’s helpful to see the HL7 message transmitting from the reference lab. If a large narrative is sent, search RELMA for Cytology report Cvx/Vag to find options. Terms like 47528-5 Cytology report of cervical or vaginal smear or scaping Cyto stain. There’s a method of cyto stain.thin prep as well. These utilize the attributes of Finding and Document.

If a more granular report is created, you may be interested in the searches of General categories, microscopic observation, statement of adequacy, and recommended followup. There are individual LOINCs for each section of the report, if they are reported in result fields that then “join up” to a complete report.

I will casually reach out to colleages at LabCorp, ARUP, QuestDiagnostics and Mayo to see if they can get the correct LOINC imbeds in their data streams.

Let me know if this doesn’t help,


Pam Banning