Order panel standardization

Dear colleagues,

My institute is trying to standardize laboratory ordering panels, by mapping the current orders to LOINC panels. However, we had a difficult time finding exact-matching panels, given we follow the business rules for best practices in the LOINC manual and the R/O/C constrains, e.g. our electrolyte panel contains all but not 2075-0 Chloride [Moles/​volume] in Serum or Plasma

We note that there are convenience panels like: 54040-1 HEDIS 2009 Codes to identify LDLc screening (CDC-H), which appeared to be more lenient and adaptive. We would like to seek for your advice on the implementation and see if we could submit our panels for consideration. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


Hi Vincent,

I don’t know how I missed this, very sorry for the delay. Regenstrief has asked for feedback on a particular LOINC Order Panel through the Contact Us page under submissions. I have already turned in feedback on Electrolytes and Arterial Blood gases. They have not been addressed as yet.
Best regards,
Pam Banning
3M Health Information Systems

In addition to what Pam indicated, if there are not LOINC order codes for your panels, feel free to submit a request for them so the gaps can be filled as determined by Regenstrief Institute. There tend to be more gaps with orders and as you indicate panels that differ by one or more analytes/results may not yet have a LOINC.