opensource loinc server


I am looking for an open source project that allows me to implement my own Loinc server to incorporate into our Laboratory system. I have been looking at the solution from, I understand that it is based on hapi fhir and incorporates the lonic database. Is there any other alternative that is not based on fhir? Finally, is there a chance to make the mappings to another language for the descriptions of the codes?


I ask myself what your exact requirements are.
Implementing a LOINC server is very easy, just install the LOINC database e.g. in MySQL, write some (Java) servlets, or put a RESTful web service on top of it, and you are done. I did this myself with less than a week of work. Implementing a new version of LOINC then typically takes less than a day.
I am using Apache Tomcat (open source) for the Java application server on a Linux machine, MySQL (free), and the Jersey 2.x libraries (free. open source) for the RESTful wen services.

But having the requirements clear is key for a successful implementation. Don’t expect anything working “out of the box” that satisfy your requirements automatically.

Hi Jozef!

The truth is that I thought I would do the exact same thing before asking in the forum. The point is that I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, maybe I had already developed something and wanted to take advantage of it to investigate something more armed and not with the effort of a single developer :-). The main idea is to integrate a controlled vocabulary to the development of our laboratory system, which is why I am interested in venturing into the world of LOINC.

Thank you very much again for your time and your advice.