Notice of upcoming LOINC and RELMA patch release

Within the next few weeks Regenstrief will be publishing a patch release of LOINC and RELMA. After the release of LOINC 2.58 and RELMA 6.17, we detected two problems related to the EXTERNAL_COPYRIGHT_NOTICE attribute:

  1. In the ANSWERS worksheet of the Panels and Forms File, some values are truncated.
  2. In the LOINC Table, some newly created terms are missing the appropriate value for that field.
We try really hard to make sure things like this don't happen, but these slipped through the cracks. The EXTERNAL_COPYRIGHT_NOTICE field is a crucial attribute of the LOINC Table, so we want to be sure that its content is correct. Because this data is also used by the RELMA program, we'll be updating that as well. We'll be sending out another notice in the next couple of weeks when the patch release is ready for download. The patch release will NOT contain new LOINC codes, but will contain updates to the terms affected by the missing EXTERNAL_COPYRIGHT_NOTICE value. Sorry for the trouble, but still... Happy LOINCing in 2017!