New LOINC terms


I am working through the docments provided with each new LOINC release regarding changes.

I have loooked at the Change file, Change Report and the Map To file.

I have seen the What’s coming in the New Release List but I understand that list is currently under development and contains codes that may not be released.

Is there a list of the actual new LOINC terms added? (775 for V2.42 per the Brief LOINC notes)

Thank you,

Jane Burke

Hi Jane,

One way to identify these is through the LOINC table within the RELMA.mdb There’s a DATE_LAST_CHANGED column that I use. Anything changing from the last release date 6 months earlier, and with either a CHNG_TYPE of ADD, or maybe an edited term that was edited prior to initial release would qualify. I take that subset and sort by LOINC_NUM in order to find the new releases.

Perhaps others will post as well.

Happy New Year!


I must offer the caution that there are of course lots of important changes in each release (deprecated terms, edits, etc) that are contained in each release, so just looking at new terms added may not be what you need. That being said, the easiest way to find them would be just to run a query between the LOINC table from 2.40 and 2.42. Here’s how you might do it if you are using Microsoft Access:

Link the tables on the LOINC_NUM field, right click the relationship, and choose Join Properties of “Include ALL records from”…of the LOINC 2.42 table. Then just put both LOINC_NUM fields (and whatever else you want) in your query and indicate the LOINC_NUM field for LOINC 2.40 to be “Is Null”:

That’ll give you this result, which is the 775 as indicated in the release notes

Thanks for providing that visually Dan! I definitely concur with Dan on the importance of examining the full database for changes; we take that approach. It didn’t dawn on me to offer advice in this instance, Jane had such a specific process question. Wanted to get her familiar with working in the table.

Have a great day!