Multi axial Hierarchy

Hi, I’m trying to understand the structure of the multi axial hierarchy, and had a couple questions. 1) Is there a standard listing of all Loinc parts somewhere? The hierarchy uses them, but I’m not sure where I would reference their definitive meaning and name. Sometimes the same lexical name is distinct based on the hierarchy level (e.g. Hematology), but since each node seems to allow multiple parent paths, then in the graph the only node distinction is the LP#.




  1. Followinf the same Hematology/Hematology example, why the duplication/level indirection sometimes. Is there something meaningful about the levels? 3) The SEQNO seems to be path dependent. But sometimes the same path has 2 different sequence numbers for the same child. E.g.


LP32741-8.LP57347-4|140|LP57347-4|LP173617-4|CD3 Ag and CD20 Ag

LP32741-8.LP57347-4|141|LP57347-4|LP173617-4|CD3 Ag and CD20 Ag

2 other examples on LP32741-8.LP57347-4 to LP174544-9 (seqno 142,143) and

LP32742-6 to LP 18176-5 (SeqNo 172 and 173)

What does this mean?

We do not distribute the LOINC parts as part of our distribution, though it has been discussed at length at recent committee meetings.