Most common loincs used HEDIS

Good morning! My first post here. Is there a way I can determine which HEDIS labs are most commonly ordered? I’m trying to do some predictive modeling that aligns a description that an LIS sends us and we’re trying to bounce off of component, system and UOM, but we get results that aren’t always the most accurate.

I know that the most commonly ordered panels would be things like CBC, CMP, Lipid profiles, RFPs, etc…

Is there are resource that I can incorporate into our programming that rank orders the labs by the most commonly used? Perhaps API support that looks for most searched?

Thank you!

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Welcome, Ryan.

LOINC does have usage ranks culled from numerous sources. See LOINC Code Rankings – LOINC

You can use this on SearchLOINC in combination with type:1 to represent Lab:

ranked:true type:1

I hope this helps. This advice is from a developer’s perspective. Others can offer suggestions from a teminology/LIS perspective.

This is great thank you! Do you (or anybody) happen to know anything about the API calls as far as how accessible and flexible they are?

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We have our Terminology Service API using HL7 FHIR, however, pulling specialty data like this can be problematic.

Instead, I suggest you try our Search API. We are still piloting it but you can use this exact same query there to programmatically pull these results. See this post for more information. We ask that you report back whether or not this fills your needs and your general experience using this API.

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