Missing mappings between LoincNumber and RPID?


In the LoincRsnaRadiologyPlaybook there is a column to indicate the RadLex Playbook identifier (RPID) for each LoincNumber. But this column is very often left blank, even when a corresponding RPID seems to exist (e.g. 26209-7 should be mapped to RPID602?).
Is there a reason for this? When are mappings supposed to be present and when are they not?

As a follow-up, and since without the corresponding RPIDs it is not easy to know which procedures are incorporated in the LoincRsna playbook, have all the entries from the core RadLex playbook been included? How many were included from the complete playbook?

It would be very helpful to know which entries came from the core playbook, complete playbook, and new additions without a real correspondence to old RadLex procedures.



The RPIDs included in the LoincRsnaRadiologyPlaybook are all from the RadLex Core playbook. A decision was made early on in the collaboration between RSNA and Regenstrief to only include concepts from the Core playbook and not from the Complete playbook. RPID602 is not in the Core playbook, which is why it isn’t included in the file.

All of the entries that do not have any information in the RPID column are radiology concepts in LOINC that have no corresponding concept in the Core playbook. Many of these LOINC terms existed before the Regenstrief/RSNA collaboration, and some have been added since then based on user requests. Because RSNA is no longer updating the playbook and new concepts will only be added to LOINC, over time the percent of LOINC codes that have corresponding RPIDs will decrease.

Hope this helps!