"Minimum 2 views", or "2 or more views"

A client has local tests of the form “xyz exam, minimum 2 views” and “xyz exam, 2 or more views” that I’d like to map to LOINC. I can generally find tests for a specific number of views, but these kinds of indeterminate numbers don’t seem to be represented.

I can see why that kind of thing would be problematic… it’s kind of unspecified and that’s often considered a bad thing in terminology. However, these local codes exist, and I don’t think they’re particularly unique to this client.

Does anyone here have any guidance on existing LOINC codes I can use for this kind of thing, or an opinion as to whether it would or wouldn’t be appropriate to request new codes in that pattern?


The Rad class of LOINC do have some terms for ‘2 or more views’, but not for all studies. This is expressed in LOINC as ‘Views GE2’ in the component of the LOINC term. GE means ‘greater than or equal to.’ You will also see ‘Views LE 3’ which means ‘lesser than or equal to.’ This nomenclature comes from CPT as a means of limiting reimbursement for studies regardless of the number of views. Due to the ambiquity of the terms, these are usually discouraged from being used because; 1) an ordering physician usually does not indicate the number of views for the study, and 2) the Radiologist will specify the exact number of and type of views obtained. However, radiology is often mapped off the hospital chargemaster, which is directly related to billing.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to request additional LOINC terms if there is something that is needed and you cannot find it.

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Thank you Pat, that all makes sense to me!