Meditech EMR ID (HUB.ITEM) map to LOINC


Does anyone have a master map between Meditech EMR ID’s and LOINC codes?

I have written a simple NPR repot to download the entire EMR ID list from Meditech and I imported it into Excel.

Hi Joel,

I personally haven’t heard of a Meditech master map; if you would like to share examples perhaps we can help guide you. Are these clinical templates as well as laboratory observations? Do you feel the NPR report has enough information to work through the attributes LOINC is founded on?

I’m not sure if the Forum allows file upload; but we can converse here initially, and figure out what next steps are.


Pam Banning

co-chair, Lab LOINC committee


Thank you for replying to my post. Below is a small example of the list of EMR IDs. Meditech has 41,878 EMR ID’s for Laboratory and Microbiology, the two departments that I’m tasked with finding EMR ID’s based on LOINC codes.

We use less than 5,000 of these EMR IDs and not the complete 41,878. I can email the complete list should you want it. The column below named “ITEM” is the Meditech EMR ID which we would like to find LOINC codes for. The other column “CATEGORY” indicates whether it belongs to Laboratory or Microbiology. A map of LOINC codes associated with Meditech’s EMR ID’s would be so helpful to every Meditech and LOINC customer.

MICRO 14-3-3 Protein Assay (CJD)
LAB IMM 14-3-3 eta Protein
MICRO AFB Blood Culture
MICRO AFB Broth Culture
MICRO Adrenal Antibody
LAB MISC Adrenal Leukodystrophy
LAB CHEM Adrenal Stress Profile (Afternoon)
LAB CHEM Adrenal Stress Profile (Midnight)
LAB CHEM Adrenal Stress Profile (Morning)
LAB CHEM Adrenal Stress Profile (Noon)

Thank you for your assistance and time,

Joel Otto


Hi Joel,

This is very interesting. I suppose being a template, there isn’t a constraint to only being reported the same way (positive vs negative, or a titer, or a measurement in mg/dL, etc). It only goes by the analyte or study. Is it necessary to identify ONE LOINC for each, or could a group of LOINCs qualify for use? I’m asking because more organizations are finding use cases for rolling up a variety of LOINCs to serve as a collator of multiple result level LOINCs under it. Are you aware of that arena? Section 9.6 of the LOINC User’s Guide introduces it.

When dealing with a laboratory information system, we ask for an extract that includes collection label information, transport information to the lab, result format (alpha vs numeric, etc), units of measure where appropriate and sometimes workstation/instrument information can assist in the method attribute determination. If I was to take one example from your list above it might look like this:


ADA Adrenal Antibody Serum Alpha [Null]

ADAT Adrenal Antibody Titer Serum Numeric

As you can imagine, with five LOINC codes available for adrenal antibody, there would need to be additional information to constrain the Meditech template. And I would imagine the vendor would not want to dictate all of their clients to only use one particular assay or reporting style for every lab offering. Looking forward to your thoughts!