Mean Systolic BP and Mean Diastolic BP for special contexts


We are looking for discrete LOINC codes for the systolic and diastolic parts of Mean Blood Pressure in the following special contexts: During anesthesia, while sitting, while standing, and while lying.

Are we just not finding them in our search, or do they not exist?

An insight greatly appreciated!


Hello Piper!

Thank you for the question. for ‘pressure anesthesia’ to bring terms that are discrete for diastolic and systolic. Similar to ‘pressure sitting’, ‘pressure standing’. The contexts are used as modifiers to the component attribute.

I find it helps to use as few keywords as possible to get potential candidates in the output.

If you need actual MEAN values of readings, a submission may be necessary.

Happy LOINC’ing,

Pam Banning

Lab LOINC Committee Chair