Mapping on molecular genetic tests

Dear LOINC expert and all members,

Our genetic laboratory created molecular genetic tests and we are going to peform LOINC mapping. The report is structured from recommendation of College of American Pathology and it included:

  1. Sample type
  2. Patient clinical information
  3. Gene tested
  4. Disease condition
  5. Analytical method
  6. Result interpretation
  7. Responsible pathologist and medical technologist
  8. Report date and destination

    Problem comes if multiple tests are performed on the patient. The laboratory generated many sets of test code for the above content, for example, gene tested 1,

    result interpretation 1,

    gene tested 2,

    result interpretation 2,

    gene tested 3,

    result interpretation 3,


    In LOINC manual section 2.2.4, it indicated distinguishing multiple value for any test via the test name (4th subpart). Current we are struggling in whether creating many sets of local LOINC code for “one to one mapping” on the user generated test code. The mapping pattern is similar to microbiology culture test, LOINC code:

    543-9 Mycobacterium sp identified,

    44851-4 Mycobacterium sp identified^^^2,

    44852-2 Mycobacterium sp identified^^^3,


    Does it make sense? Does LOINC have any recommendation on this situation?

    Do LOINC members have any experience in mapping molecular genetic tests that can be shared?

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    Wai Kin CHEUNG

    Health Informatics Standards & Policy

    Hong Kong Hospital Authority