Mapping of SNOMED CT Radiography Proceedures to LOINC

I have a current Radiology Codeset Catalog used in our Eletronic Patient Record which has a link to a SNOMED CT Procedure Value and CT ID. Is there a mapping between SNOMED CT and LOINC?

Hi Paul,

In general, I am going to say that I am not aware of a forward mapping from SNOMED CT to LOINC for the radiology domain unless it has been curated and is being sold by one of the terminology vendors. (E.g. IMO, HLI, Optum, or another vendor)

UMLS doesn’t appear to contain a semantic link between the two terminologies for radiology content.

Ultimately, the SNOMED/LOINC collaborative work may create a crosswalk between the two terminologies but I do not know the timeline for them to address radiology content. The first alpha release has been completed and is available at, however this only contains ~25,000 entries and does not cover the radiology domain at this time.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.