Manufacturers' mapping

Hi all,

I keep reading literature that says Roche and other manufacturers have already mapped their product catalog to LOINC, but nobody told Roche that (at least not in the UK). Does anyone use manufacturers’ mapping tables? It would make my job a lot easier.



Hi Chris

i work in Saskatchewan, Canada mapping lab tests for the province. I have been able to obtain some vendor codes by contacting vendor representatives that visit Health Region Labs. I have been fortunate to know some of them when I worked in the lab so that helps. The Roche representative could not find any Canadian document but did contact the US office and was able to get me a US document of mappings Roche has done. The rep felt that these LOINC codes are international but could not verify that as there could be differences in reagents between Canada and the US. it still was a big help to me especially when the lab was not sure about the mapping and you could prove to them that was what the company had mapped the test to.

Another way I have obtained Vendor LOINC code mappings is to use the Contact on the web page. Some companies like Siemens have sent me the information I required and other companies are not aware of LOINC and ask for information, which I send them and give them the LOINC web site address, with the hope that some day they will get on board with mapping their tests.

Hope this is of some help to you.


That’s a great help! Thanks very much for replying. I’ll contact the US office and try my luck. I knew it would be out there somewhere. I’m surprised they don’t make more of that. I would think it would be a big advantage when they tender for a contract.

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