LOINC searches - SOA possible?

Hi there,

I am a long time user of LOINC at Partners Healthcare and we are currently dealing with a huge backlog of mapping and we don’t see the backlog ever going away.

We would like to be able to import the LOINC database into our results repository and use it in conjunction with a service that could do automated mapping for us. This is what we are looking for:

A data filing progam would send key data elements to the service in the same manner that a user would enter data into the search functionality of RELMA. The filing program would get a string back of all the possibile LOINC matches and send this info out via an email to the analysts that do the mapping OR if a single match got returned, our filing program would assign the LOINC automatically.

Has this been suggested by anyone or is there a service like this in existence somewhere?


Susan Korsak

Application Specialist

Partners Healtlhcare

Dear Susan,

My name is Mireia Rodriguez and i´m working in BiTAC, an enterprise located in Barcelona (Spain).

You can visit our website www.bitac.com (unfortunately it is still only in spanish,but soon it will be translated into english).

BiTAC works as a terminology server, and it can provide the service you are asking for, via web services.

We are working in this way in different RHIOS here in Spain.

In case you need more information you can contact us in this mail: mireiarn@bitac.com

We´ve been working with LOINC since 2004, and we have been proposing new LOINC codes since then.

You can see our reference in LOINC ADOPTERS.

We will be grateful to give you any information about our work.

Mireia Rodriguez

Technical Manager


Hi Susan,

Our 3M products and services may provide assistance in getting Partner’s to the desired level of terminology interoperability. Our Healthcare Data Dictionary provides a stable environment in housing vocabulary standard terms, such as LOINC and SNOMED CT, alongside the local interface codes. One additional benefit is that non-standardized terms can also be identified.

A recent project with Florida’s Healthcare Adminstration had us collecting requirements for a similar SOA. I’ll write you a separate email.