LOINC queries

HI…as i am new to this LOINC.So i want to get the actual practical use of these LOINC codes.What we are trying to do?

AS we have a our telemedicine software solution and we want to exchange EMR records of the patients using HL7 V3 messages.I have read standard HL7 but not able to reach at the solution.The development and implementation of the hl7 is not possible at all.So i read about these LOINC which is universal codes for laboratory result.Our main purpose is make our software standardized.So that the input’s which we fill in our software of patients should be standardized e.g weight of patient should be in Kg/pound/lbs whichever is the recommended value of weight we will follow that.As now we are providing these all fields according to client’s requirement.Is LOINC will provide such type of information so that we set all our fields according to LOINC Name and CODE.So that when we transfer the record of the patients the other application can easily import data into their database.B’Coz it is standardized and they can easily extract information which will be compatible with their s/w.I have a lot of

confusion in these standards:-

1.How LOINC and HL7 V3 are different from each other??

2.HOw LOINC and OID’s are differ from each other??

3.Is there any common thing among HL7 and LOINC?

4.LOINC standard is worldwide standard so if i follow these codes then my software will be able to exchange data with any other software?

Plz help me i am badly stuck in this problem we have to make our software standirzed according to Healthcare standards.before commencing anything i want to get clear all above questions.

waiting for your reply.

Thanks n regards

Rajnish Kaur.

I saw and replied to your other post before this one…so check there too. In general, LOINC provides a standard set of codes for clinical and laboratory observations (e.g. tests and measurements like serum glucose level or systolic blood pressure). If you use LOINC codes when you send your clinical observations to other systems (instead of your own local codes), receiving systems that have adopted LOINC will be able to understand the meaning of the results. Standards are like telephones though - it takes the parties on both sides using them for it to work.